Ciao! We are Seriously Italian

…and we are here to make it easy to try good Italian pasta.

We started Seriously Italian in 2007 after selling fresh pesto (and an odd jam jar) at our local Walthamstow Farmers Market. Our pesto was so popular, we thought we must make good fresh pasta to go with it.

Since then we’ve started making lasagne, ravioli, gnocchi and pasta al forno in our quest to make Local, Seasonal, Ethical and unmistakably Italian food. Want to know more? Watch our story on BBC



Food tastes much better when it is fresh, and it’s difficult to find local aubergines in winter. Seasons give us variety, the joy of expectation and something to look forward to. Food would be boring otherwise.


sWe try our best to use the most sustainable and recyclable packaging available for fresh food – all our packaging is 100% recyclable. Our production is run on 100% renewable green energy and for deliveries we’ve partnered up with brilliant zero emissions ZED couriers. We only use free-range beef from Woodwards farm and our eggs come from free-range hens in Sussex.


Being local is very important to us, so much so that everything we make was inspired by British growers and farmers trading next to us at Farmers Markets. Most of our ingredients are pretty much field to fork. The lovely vegetables and herbs we use to make pesto, lasagne, ravioli fillings and gnocchi are delivered to us directly from a family farm www.tedsveg.co.uk. They grow all their produce free of chemicals and areproud participants in Planzhero’s plight to eradicate wastage.


Our food carries our culture, our knowledge and heritage that we bring to our cooking – that is what truly makes it Italian. And, yes, a sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano on top, just to avoid confusion.




The voice of reason and our operational guru. Nothing would probably get in or out of our kitchen if not for Nat’s tight grip on the stirring wheel.


Kitchen Manager

Without Claudio there will be no food, as simple as that. The heart of our kitchen, he is the one that makes sure everything is as good as gold, just like he is.



Seriously restless creative force and forward thinker, Gio is always busy making plans and thinking of something new to do. A modern hopeless food romantic.


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