Pastificio Carleschi, Organic Emmer Casarecce, 400g, Plastic-free.


Made in the UK using British Stoneground Organic ANCIENT GRAINSPastificio Carleschi artisan pasta is bronze extruded and slow dried at a low temperature.

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Emmer (T. turgidum subsp. dicoccum). Domesticated emmer, known as farro in Italy, and shippon in Ancient Israel, was domesticated in the Southern Fertile Crescent and cultivated in ancient times throughout the Middle East and Old Europe. It was the only wheat used in ancient Egypt and was used to make the first matzah.
Emmer is higher in crude protein than bread wheat but has low dough extensibility, emmer dough does not stretch and rise like bread wheat; for that reason emmer makes excellent pasta.
Emmer wheat as an ancient wheat is rich in fiber, protein, minerals, carotenoids, antioxidant compounds, and vitamins, emmer is a complete protein source when combined with legumes, making emmer pasta ideal for vegetarians or for anyone simply wanting a plant-based high-quality protein source.
This Emmer Casarecce are made with stoneground wholegrain emmer so that none of the amazing nutritional and health benefits of this grain are lost in the milling process. Not to degenerate any of the vitamins and to make sure that nothing is lost in the pasta manufacturing process, Pastificio Carleschi produces and dries this pasta at low temperature.
Emmer tastes of hazelnut, toasted walnut, leather and dark chocolate.

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Organic Stoneground Wholegrain Emmer (WHEAT flour).


Contains GLUTEN, not suitable for coeliacs.


Energy values kCal/kJ 341/1442
Protein 13.9
Fat 2.2
(Saturated fat) 0.6
(Mono-unsaturated) 0.5
(Poly-unsaturated) 1.0
Carbohydrate 62.2
(Sugars) 5.2
Fibre 8.4
Salt 0.02


Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


9 minutes, al dente.


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